Pain in the Asset

Your Asset Universe At Your Fingertips

Risk numbers, visualizations and data metrics are only as good as the data driving them. If the data underneath is incomplete or suspect, the information gathered can only be trusted to a certain extent, if at all. A true pain in the asset.

NorthStar Asset Tracking is different. It collects asset information from a variety of data sources and ranks the accuracy of each source based on confidence and aging. That information is then pulled into SuperLists, providing an accurate and comprehensive view of every IT asset. These SuperLists prove invaluable when determining your next steps or preparing for risk-based PCI or HIPAA compliance audits.

NorthStar is agentless, which means you don’t have to invest in additional agent-based software to find out what you have. With NorthStar, it’s all right there in front of you.


One Product. One View.

You shouldn’t have to flip between two, three or even seven different dashboards to try to piece together a complete view of your assets. NorthStar Asset Tracking helps all your separate products work as a whole, attaching their isolated information around central “pivot points” that can be interlinked together. However, NorthStar doesn’t just capture data; it also transforms it into actionable insights.

Contextual asset inventory doesn’t have to be a pain in the asset.