Asset Tracking – NorthStar


One Product, One View

You shouldn’t have to flip between two, three or even seven different dashboards to try to piece together a complete view of your assets. NorthStar Asset Tracking helps all your separate products work as a whole, attaching their isolated information around central “pivot points” that can be interlinked together. However, NorthStar doesn’t just capture data; it also transforms it into actionable insights.

Go Agentless

By pulling directly from other system data sources such as databases, flat files and LDAPs, NorthStar does not disrupt your other enterprise operations. And, with no additional agent-based software to implement, you will see value in as little as one week.

Know What You Don’t Know

Since NorthStar collects and analyzes data from numerous sources, it inherently tells you where you are missing security tools. After spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a security suite, that tool alone can’t tell you where it has not yet been installed. NorthStar can. And because you’re leveraging your existing technology, you don’t have to spend more to get more from your data.


Know what you’re protecting!