NorthStar Navigator

Prioritize vulnerability and exposure remediation based off of risk to YOUR business

  • Gain key insight into the business importance of individual assets and business services
  • Leverage the flexibility to decide what business and technical factors are most important to your organization
  • Provide visibility into exposures beyond vulnerabilities, such as coverage gaps and misconfigurations across security tooling and compensating controls

Address the visibility gap that inherently exists between IT Security and IT Operations

  • Provide automated correlation of vulnerability and patch information
  • Accelerate remediation efforts by integrating with IT Management and Service Desk systems
  • Provide valuable insights to IT incident response teams before, during, and after IT-related security events

Provide simple, powerful, and dynamic reporting

  • Validate that the most important issues have been remediated
  • Slice and dice dashboards and reports that fit the needs of your organization by line of business, location, business services, etc.
  • Deliver out of the box dashboards, and easily customizable dashboards configured through the front-end UI
  • Enforce robust role-based access control and dataset security

Ready to focus your valuable resources?