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Getting Data Into NorthStar Is Easy

From day one, we focused on being completely vendor agnostic and making sure that NorthStar could simplify the new data integration process. We have pre-built configurations for many of the top products in both Security and IT Operations.  These pre-built configurations enable fast integration into your existing solutions and data stores and enables NorthStar to make quick work of breaking down data silos.  We are constantly building new configurations, prioritized based on our customers’ needs and remain committed to maintaining a steady and robust schedule for releasing new and updated data connector configurations.

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait for a vendor to update their data connectors, therefore a key design focus of NorthStar was simplifying the process of integrating new data sources. We achieved this by enabling the data source configuration entirely through the front-end web UI.  Whether it is a simple spreadsheet, database, or API, NorthStar allows for the configuration of data connections without the need for a developer’s skill set or a lengthy enhancement request to a vendor. NorthStar focuses data aggregation efforts into common, widely supported data formats and by leveraging these common data formats, NorthStar has the flexibility to collect data regardless of native structure or cleanliness.

NorthStar integrates with existing systems and data sources through front-end GUI-driven configuration mapping. Integration methods include, but are not limited to: