NorthStar Vulnerability Prediction Engine

Prioritize your remediation efforts BEFORE vulnerabilities are exploited

Accurate prediction of over 45% of CVEs previously unexploited in the wild with an average of 401 days advance notice.

Vulnerability Prediction Engine

Leveraging our data collection platform, NorthStar’s vulnerability prediction engine accurately identified over 45% of the vulnerabilities that would be exploited in the wild at some point in the future, providing an average notice of 280 days in advance.

Is your vulnerability management program able to clearly delineate between vulnerabilities that are predicted to be exploited in the wild vs ones that are currently being actively exploited in the wild?

With the introduction of NorthStar’s Vulnerability Prediction Engine, in addition to providing an opportunity to defend against zero-day exploits, you can:

Reduce the number of CVEs to focus on by 97%

Give extra time to remediate over 45% of the CVEs that are validated as exploited in the wild

Provide around 280 days advance notice for a chance to fix CVEs that are validated as exploited in the wild

Exploit predictions delivered daily

Anticipate future exploits with the ultimate vulnerability prediction engine