Consolidate Information


Consolidate information for a single source of truth




Consolidate Information

NorthStar provides a single source of truth for all assets, exposures and vulnerabilities and ensures that it is current, accurate and complete.





Accurate decisions require accurate data. NorthStar intelligently pulls data from your existing sources and cleans/correlates/ranks the accuracy of each source based on confidence and aging. That information is then pulled into SuperLists, providing an accurate and comprehensive view of every asset and business application.

With the complete asset inventory delivered through NorthStar’s SuperLists, the vulnerability management “problem” can be solved! Since NorthStar consolidates all IT-related data under one roof, the days of console-hopping and Excel-aggregation are over. Vulnerabilities, missing patches, device misconfiguration data, and security tool data layered with separate technical severity and business importance scores can now be viewed in a single platform.



You need all your information in one place.

Consolidate information.

NorthStar provides a single source of truth for all assets, exposures, and vulnerabilities and ensures that its current, accurate, and complete.

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You want to make the best use of limited resources.

Focus limited resources.

NorthStar ensures you are prioritizing and addressing the biggest issues that could impact your most important business functions.

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You’re tired of lingering exposures.

Fight lingering exposures.

NorthStar maintains historical data to ensure vulnerabilities don’t disappear off the radar with the passage of time. It also integrates exception data and allows you to understand accepted and mitigated risk.

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You’re frustrated with the gap between vulnerabilities and patching.

Bridge the visibility gap.

NorthStar reconciles and maintains all data from vulnerability scans and patch management solutions and enriches them with data from external sources.  It also feeds reconciled data to downstream solutions via push or pull.

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You want to track reduction in exposure risk.

Visualize risk reduction.

NorthStar automatically keeps track of what’s changed and can show how things have gotten better, or worse, over time.

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You’re tired of relying on manual processes and stale data.

Scrap manual processes.

NorthStar automates the manual efforts to compile information for assets and exposures and ensures accuracy by scoring and analyzing the quality of all the gathered information.

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