Endpoint & Mobile

Endpoint & Mobile Protection

Protect your data wherever it may be.

Your data is not static and located only in one place. It is accessed by your employees or system processes through endpoints from numerous locations. Ensuring the security of those endpoints is business critical to your organization. We help you incorporate your business functions into your endpoint security program using the best of breed solutions catered to fit your exact needs.

New Age of Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection has evolved and taken on a completely different meaning in this new age of the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations have non-server and non-user devices which require security, but no longer fall into these well-defined categories. The term ’endpoint’ can refer to medical devices, point-of-sale machines, document imaging machines, and numerous other types of devices. As a result, you need to work with an IT Security organization that has the experience to adjust the solution based upon the needs of your organization.

The Methodology

Understanding how the endpoint fits into your organization and what processes it houses is key to building the right solution. We work with you to understand these processes and layer the security to protect your data. Once understood, we work with your security team to define, pilot, and implement the appropriate solution. We don’t stop there, we support you and your team to ensure successful adoption of the solution and processes.

Visual Reporting

Visibility into the security of these devices and their security status is important to many layers of your business. It becomes even more critical when the endpoints are devices not used by end-users and might not always be connected to your network for updates and monitoring. We ensure this visibility is given to you with every solution architecture.

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