Why NorthStar?



How to Effectively Prioritize and Remediate Vulnerabilities

While simple in its fundamentals, a risk-based vulnerability management program zeroes in on several issues with security data generation and handling that organizations consistently struggle with during the day-to-day management of vulnerabilities and exposures.

NorthStar Navigator is uniquely positioned to help organizations plan, deploy, and manage a risk-based vulnerability management program to effectively frame their risk decisions in a business context.

Rooted in the belief that organizations do not need help generating security and management data,

  • NorthStar focuses organizations on leveraging their existing, inconsistent, and disparate security and management data by providing a platform for collecting, consolidating, and correlating this data into a single source of truth for assets and vulnerabilities.
  • Capitalizing on this new accurate and actionable information, NorthStar provides individualized scoring for the technical severity and business importance of assets to create a means of prioritizing remediations efforts.
  • Built from the ground up on a flexible data model, NorthStar allows organizations to incorporate the most meaningful and impactful data available to help drive the technical severity, business importance, and prioritization of vulnerabilities both today and into the future.
  • By leveraging this flexible data model, NorthStar allows users to quickly create data visualizations and reports in the front-end GUI that will satisfy the varying needs of the organization and individual stakeholders in a single tool.


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