Symantec Endpoint Security: CSP/DCS Vulnerabilities


On 6/7/16, Symantec sent out a notification about security vulnerabilities found in their Symantec Critical System Protection and Data Center Security management and agents. These vulnerabilities could enable unauthorized elevated access, bypassing security protection on agents, and potential unauthorized insertion of arbitrary code on agents.

As customers of NorthStar, we would like to make you aware of this notification and offer our assistance should you need it.

Recommended Action

Upgrade to the latest published build.

• Updates for SES:CSP 1.0.x and 6.5.0 are available through Symantec File Connect

• Update information for SES:CSP and SDCS:SA is available through TechNote INFO03743


SES:CSP/SDCS:SA Management Server SQL Injection
Management servers were susceptible to potential SQL injection by an authorized but non-privileged network user. A malicious user with network access to the proper port on the management server could potentially inject arbitrary SQL commands. If successful, the attacker could bypass authentication and potentially get their arbitrary commands to run with the privileges of the application.

SES:CSP/SDCS:SA Management Server Path Traversal
The Management Server did not properly sanitize user-supplied input. An authorized but lower-privileged management server user could potentially execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges.

SES:CSP/SDCS: SA Management Server Path Traversal Binary Planting on Deployed Agent
By leveraging escalated access on the management server, a less-privileged user could potentially deploy specifically-crafted update packages to arbitrary locations on SES:CSP/SDCS:SA deployed agents for possible execution by the agent. This could have resulted in potentially bypassing security protection on agents and resultant arbitrary remote code execution.

SES:CSP/SDCS:SA Named Pipe Process Call Arbitrary Argument Injection
An authenticated user who can read/write to a specific named pipe could potentially inject arbitrary inject arbitrary arguments which could allow bypass of security protection on the agent. Symantec is not aware of exploitation of or adverse customer impact from this issue.

Affected Products


Symantec Response

Symantec recommends customers upgrade to the latest version.

Link to the original post: Symantec Security Response to Vulnerability