Visualize Symantec DCS Agent Metrics with SOLVE


Oftentimes the simplest use cases are often the most critical.


One Symantec Data Center Server administrator at a Fortune 500 company needed the ability to easily filter information contained within the Symantec DCS console. His responsibilities required him to manage both day-to-day operations as well as long term tasks like policy creation and tuning. He also needed to be able to quickly report on the DCS status of key critical systems like the organization’s ERP product ordering system.

He quickly realized that his options were limited when attempting to not only centrally visualize both specific and global data side-by-side, but also be able to pivot and drill into that information and highlight potential exposures and misconfigurations.




Seeing his frustration with the limitations of his current reporting options, I built for him a dashboard in SOLVE in less than 15 minutes that focused on the agent health and configuration of the organization’s ERP solution. I was also able to add in report panels that focused on other parts of the DCS installation like policy management. The ability to have all of this information centrally displayed on a single screen with the ability to drill down in to the underlying DCS information in real time made SOLVE the “go to” solution for DCS reporting for this admin and his team.


Contributed by: Kevin Saucier