SOLVE: Tailored SEP Reporting for Franchises

Recently, I had to implement Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for a large retail franchise.  The customer had several unique requests regarding how they wanted to monitor and handle important events.  Since they were a franchise operation it was important that they be able to organize their SEP information to be tracked individually. The franchisees needed to assume responsibility for maintaining upkeep of their individual environments.  Our efforts to devise a means to do this within SEP’s native reporting proved lacking the detail and segmentation that the customer really needed. We then turned to SOLVE for SEP as an alternative to SEP’s native reporting to see if we could achieve the customers goals.

Our setup of the SOLVE solution was very straightforward and only took us about 20 minutes. Since franchise groupings had already been established in SEP we were able to quickly create a standardized reporting template that was then used as the basis for each franchisee’s environment individually. They started using the templates to create new dashboards for any new franchises – multiple physical locations as well as dashboards each month. The customer was very pleased with the ease of the SOLVE implementation – installed right on their SEPM, and also pleased with how they could set the group criteria for each dashboard. Being able to see one view of the world centrally with certain aspects of administration and reporting given at the franchise level (ex: having the ability to the drill down to get the details of the data driving the reports) was exactly what was needed for a successful project outcome.


SEP Reporting for Franchises

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